The Hack4me API Uses Certain Metasploit's exploits and functions

With our 100% automated online exploit kit, you will get the facebook account of your choice, get your password, read the message history with your friends, write on your wall or watch your private photos.


With our panel you will be able to do everything that an excellent hacker can achieve on a Facebook account of your choice, we often talk about these computer attacks by these great teams of hackers and hackers, our penetration testing API can do the same if it's better!


Hack4me relies on the automation of pentesting on specific Facebook accounts, it then gets detailed information such as the origin of the profile as well as its nickname, ID and other sensitive information that is required to hack a Facebook without software and in minutes . Nowadays a good computer scientist can break a firewall of a server while laughing, a feat is even better because it automates the attack process. This strategic difference allows our site to rank among the sharpest and best performers on the market. The Watch Dog hacking game proves that hacking is constantly evolving, so we can expect the best for the future in the field of computer security.